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A library of Swift extensions to turbocharge your iOS development.


Here at Oven Bits, we love Swift. We started using it when it was first released in 2014, and have been building large portions (or all) of our iOS applications in it since then.

One of our favorite features in Swift is extensions, and we’ve been using them heavily to add conveniences to UIKit & Foundation, and help make it our own.

Alexandria (as in the Library of Alexandria) is the result of that work. We use it as our standard library when starting iOS applications, and find it greatly speeds up our development time, and helps us get our applications off the ground quicker. Hopefully you will too!


  • iOS 8+
  • Xcode 8+
  • Swift 3

If you need support for older versions of Swift, there are (semi-maintained) version-specific branches available. Our plan is to move forward as the Swift language progresses, but we understand some transition time is necessary. We will maintain the older version branches as long as we can, but most progress will occur on master moving forward with the language.


Documentation is available online.


Pick your poison: Carthage, CocoaPods, or git submodules.


Add the following to your Cartfile.

github "ovenbits/Alexandria"

Then, run carthage update, and add the resulting framework from Carthage/Build into your project’s Linked Frameworks and Libraries setting within Xcode.


To add Alexandria, add the following to your Podfile.

pod 'Alexandria'

Alternativly, you can install specific components:

pod 'Alexandria/Core'
pod 'Alexandria/StoreKit'
pod 'Alexandria/ImageEffects'

Then, run pod install.


$ git submodule add
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Then, add the files manually to your Xcode project/workspace.


Alexandria is maintained by the team at Oven Bits, a software design and development agency based in Dallas, Texas.

Find us online:

Baked with love by Oven Bits, a software design and development agency based in Dallas, Texas.


Alexandria is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.